THERE – Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution: Foundation of a Research Program

5. Communication-Theoretical Foundation of Systems Theory and the Theory of Evolution

One must “come from various emergent levels of the order structure of reality […] which so to speak cut through the human being” (Luhmann 1995b, 271). Therefore, “[t]he only option is to regard human beings in their entirety, body and soul, as part of the environment of the societal system” (Luhmann 2012, 9). In this sense, Peter Fuchs (1992, 12) argues: „It is therefore possible, based on prerequisites still to be clarified, that a human being in the environment of religion, economy, law, politics, arts, education, family etc. operates successively as the same human being, whether coming from a religious service, selling arms, closing the deal, supporting the education of foreign children at the local association of his political party, and having completed these actions, goes to a gallery, and then, mentally refreshed talks on the phone with the pedagogically passionate teacher of his daughter about the problems of education, and finally talks about today’s routine with his wife in the code of intimacy. But it is not possible: that he generates a higher price for his arms considering he is a believer, that he can make the education of foreigners a law considering he sells tanks, that the gallery will donate a picture to him since he is a father or that the teacher allows his daughter to skip a grade because the father is a good husband."

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