THERE – Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution: Foundation of a Research Program

7. The Mutual Transcription of Metaphors in the Fields of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies

In the modern period, philosophical works on science agree “on the central point that the most important goal of the scientific method is the unity of all academic knowledge. What is more: the form of unity seems to justify the claim to validity and truth of academic knowledge in the first place” (Küppers 2000, 90). Ulrich Schnabel (2008) provides an interdisciplinary overview of the study of religion. Regarding a uniform scientific perspective in which the investigation of biological processes is synthesized with philosophical and semiotic aspects, cf. Salthe (1993). On the synthesis of natural and social sciences, see also Barad (2007) and for a perspective from the social sciences, cf. Descola (2013).

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