THERE – Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution: Foundation of a Research Program

7. The Mutual Transcription of Metaphors in the Fields of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies

On biosemiotics, see Igamberdiev (2002⁠, 2001), Sebeok (2001), Barbieri (2007a), Hoffmeyer (2008b⁠, 2008a), Kull, Emmeche, and Favareau (2008), Kull et al. (2009), Favareau (2010a), including particularly Favareau (2010b) as well as Emmeche and Kull (2011), then Schilhab, Stjernfelt, and Deacon (2012), Romanini and Fernández (2014), Kull (2015) and already Sercarz et al. (1988). For the history of biosemiotics cf. Barbieri (2009). See also Ingold (1993, 36): “In anthropology, cultural information is made to play much the same role as is played by the genes in biology.” Meanwhile, even thoughts concerning a “physiosemiosis” have been explored (Deely 2014).

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