THERE – Theory and Empiricism of Religious Evolution: Foundation of a Research Program

8. Conclusion

Patterns “are efficient ways of transmitting exact copies of frames [sc. empirical objects with certain properties; VK] […] from one place to another, but our interests often favor a somewhat different goal: transmitting inexact copies that nevertheless preserve ‘the’ pattern that is important to us. […] Sometimes we are interested in not just ignoring the noise, but eliminating it, improving the pattern in transmission” (Dennett 1991, 34–35). Insofar as the semiotic model is isomorphic to the Sierpiński triangle, the following applies: “Many fractals have some degree of self-similarity—they are made up of parts that resemble the whole in some way. Sometimes, the resemblance may be weaker than strict geometrical similarity; for example, the similarity may be approximate or statistical” (Falconer 2003, xxii).

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